AE-ADP2100 Differential Probe

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  • AE-ADP2100
Model Acute AE-ADP2100 Differential Probe USB - Voltage 1400V (DC+pk AC) - 100MHz -... mehr
Produktinformationen "AE-ADP2100 Differential Probe"

Model Acute AE-ADP2100 Differential Probe
USB - Voltage 1400V (DC+pk AC) - 100MHz - Attenuation 20X/200X - CAT II 1000V - CAT III 600V

  • USB Powered (or Power Bank)
  • Bandwidth up to 100 MHz
  • Bandwidth limit : 5MHz / Full
  • Voltage 1400V (DC+pk AC)
  • Overrange Indicator
  • Audible Overrange Alarm
  • Double-layer probe cable for power insulation
  • Can be used by any DSO which has the USB port(s)
  • EC Declaration: EN 61010-031:2002 +A1:2008
  • Works for any DSO with an USB port

The Acute AE-ADP Series Differential Probes can be used with any oscilloscope and enables users to safely make measurements of floating circuits with their oscilloscope grounded. Bandwidths are available of 100MHz and 25MHz, with differential input voltages up to +/-3,500V. The AE-ADP2100 Active Differential Probe converts floating signals to low voltage ground referenced signals that can be displayed safely and easily on any ground referenced oscilloscope. 

Scope of Delivery:

  • Acute AE-ADP2100 Differential Probe
  • Grip (red, black)
  • Extenson cord 90cm (red, black)
  • Adjusting rod
  • Soft case
Tags: USB
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