Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX1034: Standard Reference Module

Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX1034: Standard Reference Module
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  • MV-GX1034
Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX1034 Standard Reference Module 3U, single slot,... mehr
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Model Marvin Test Solutions: MV-GX1034
Standard Reference Module

  • 3U, single slot, precision standards module for PXI systems
  • Voltage, frequency, and resistance standards
  • On-board EEPROM ensures standards traceability and accuracy
  • Built in current source and DC measurement resources for system self-test support
  • Built-in self test
  • Compatible with PXI Express hybrid slots

The Marvin Test MV-GX1034 offers PXI system designers the capability to develop a system re-certification strategy that employs only internal system resources. By incorporating the MV-GX1034 as part of a system configuration, it is possible to develop a system accuracy verification strategy that can recertify a system€™s source and measure baseband instrumentation - resulting in simplified support / maintenance logistics and improved system availability.

The Marvin Test MV-GX1034€™s standards exhibit excellent long term stability with absolute accuracy achieved by employing an on-board EEROM, which contains NIST traceable calibration values for source and resistor standards. The module also includes source and measure resources which can be used to support system self-test functions including continuity verification and verification of instrument functionality.


The Marvin Test MV-GX1034 provides a DC voltage source reference, an AC voltage source reference, 8 low drift resistor references, and a precision 10 MHz frequency reference. The DC and AC sources supply up to ±9 V and include a 3 decade resistive divider network for attenuation of the output level. The resistor references include four-wire 1, 10 and 100 Ω resistors and two-wire 1 K, 10 K, 100 K, 1 M and 10 MΩ resistor values. The 10 MHz frequency reference employs a high stability, oven controlled crystal oscillator which can also provide lower frequencies via a 24-bit divider. Both the 10 MHz output and the divider output can drive 50 Ω loads. In addition, when the module is installed in slot 2 of a PXI chassis, it can be the PXI 10 MHz backplane clock source.

Additional features include a 0 - 20 mA current source; a 16-bit A to D for measuring voltages up to ±10 V, and on-board monitoring of the card€™s ambient operating temperature. The card also includes a signal multiplexer which provides the ability to connect two and four wire resources to the card€™s output connector. All voltage resources, resistor standards, clock divider outputs, and A to D inputs are isolated and floating from the PXI bus, ensuring a low noise environment and minimizing the possibility of ground loops which can affect overall accuracy and performance.

Scope of Delivery:

  • Marvin Test Solutions MV-GX1034: Standard Reference Module
  • Manual
  • Certificate of Calibration
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