APT: VariPLUS® 104 Power Converter

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  • AP-104
VariPLUS® 104 - 1 Phase, 400 VA AC Power Converter, CE Listed. The VariPLUS ® is a power... mehr
Produktinformationen "APT: VariPLUS® 104 Power Converter"

VariPLUS® 104 - 1 Phase, 400 VA AC Power Converter, CE Listed.

The VariPLUS® is a power converter specifically designed for electrical product manufacturers. The VariPLUS allows manufacturers to fully comply with international safety agency standards during routine production line testing without the need to purchase an expensive AC power source. In fact, VariPLUS does more at its low price point than any other product on the market. The VariPLUS’ performance and safety far exceeds those of a traditional variable transformer and is an efficient and cost-effective solution for production line testing. VariPLUS utilizes accurate digital metering, safe high speed shut down circuitry, and an easy to use interface. Simply put, the VariPLUS out performs a variable transformer in every single aspect. Model 105 is a 500 VA power converter and Model 104 is a CE listed 400 VA power converter.

Series Features:

  • Isolated output ensures that the power provided to the DUT is free from distortion, voltage spikes and other transients
  • Push-Button interface allows the operator to easily switch between 50 and 60 Hz output frequencies, view voltage, current, power information, and set voltage
  • Digital rotary knob ramps up the voltage smoothly and uniformly with your index finger
  • Front panel lockout prevents damage to the DUT and reduces operator error by locking out the front panel during testing
  • Voltage and current limits prevents dangerous over-voltage or over-current conditions that can harm the DUT
  • Output /Reset key maximizes operator safety by enabling and disabling the output with a simple push-button
  • SmartVOLT® allows the operator to configure the instrument to power up at 0 volts or the previously used voltage before the instrument was turned off
  • Power up feature configures the output relay for quick and efficient testing
  • High Speed Shut Down Circuits prevent harm to the instrument, DUT, and test operator
  • Model 104 provides CE compliance with EU standards


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