AR: HV-Matrix - SC6540-HN

Model SC6540 HN - 8 Channel High Voltage Scanner

The SC6540-HNM offers eight high voltage/continuity testing Channels and contains its own power module complete with a choice of USB/RS-232, GPIB or Ethernet automation interfaces for software control. The SC6540-HNM can also control up-to four different slave scanner models for a maximum of 72 test connections from a single power source. It is ideal for automated multiple point testing applications or multiple product testing when coupled with OMNIA, HypotULTRA III.


  • USB/RS-232, GPIB or Ethernet Interfaces available
  • Multi-point or multi-product testing capabilities
  • Automation Interfaces for Autoware Control
  • Point-to-Point Continuity Tests
  • Compact 2U rack mount design
  • Complete with own Power Module
  • Up to 72 testing points from a Single Power Source
  • 8 High Voltage switching channels
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  • AR-SC6540-HN
Model SC6540 HN - 8 Channel High Voltage Scanner. The SC6540 modular scanner is designed to... mehr
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Model SC6540 HN - 8 Channel High Voltage Scanner.

The SC6540 modular scanner is designed to automate multi-point and multi-product testing when using OMNIA II, HypotULTRA Series. There are 10 different configurations available that are built off of two basic scanning configurations determined by the power module. A master scanner (M) is configured with its own power module and controlled directly through automation software. A slave scanner (S) is configured without a power module and is controlled either by a master scanner or the electrical safety tester. The modular design provides a flexible testing solution that is configurable to a manufacturer's needs.

A master scanner is controlled through automation and is available with USB/RS-232, Ethernet or GPIB interfaces. In addition, it can control up-to a four slave scanners, which could provide up-to a maximum of 80 connections from a single power source. A slave scanner is controlled directly through an OMNIA II, HypotULTRA Series.

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