AR: Autoware 3 Software - AW003

Autoware 3 Software - AW003 - Boost Productivity with the All-New Enhanced Autoware 3 Automation & Data Capturing Software


  • BatchTEST®
  • Choice of Ethernet, USB/RS-232 or GPIB Communication Interfaces
  • Line Leakage Test Auto Fill Feature
  • Barcode Scanning Support
  • Automated Instrument Identification and Setup
  • Preconfigured for use with the AR TVB-2 Test Box
  • Intelligent Error Handling
  • Multimedia Prompt and Hold Feature
  • Save, Create & Share Test Files Offline
  • Graphical Drag and Drop User Interface
  • Customizable Menu Display

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • One available serial port, USB or network connectivity (not needed with GPIB)
  • Minimum of 1 GB Ram
  • Minimum of 1 GB free disk space
  • National Instruments GPIB interface card (Not needed with RS-232, USB or Ethernet)
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  • AR-AW003
Autoware 3 Software - AW003 - Boost Productivity with the All-New Enhanced Autoware 3 Automation... mehr
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Autoware 3 Software - AW003 - Boost Productivity with the All-New Enhanced Autoware 3 Automation & Data Capturing Software

Reduce Test Time with BatchTEST®
Shave minutes off your test routines by testing multiple DUT’s simultaneously. Combined with a scanning matrix, our BatchTEST feature performs AC/DC Hipot, Continuity and Insulation Resistance tests on a batch of DUT’s in a convenient 1-step test. Additionally, in the event of a failure (and ONLY in this event), Autoware3 will automatically test each individual DUT to isolate the cause of the failure.

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Waste with Data Capture
Autoware3’s improved data capture capability will create significant efficiencies, reduce waste and potentially head off super colossal errors before they become major problems.

Strengthen Productivity with Barcode Scanning Support
Increase production throughput by incorporating a barcode scan. Autoware3 happily supports direct barcode connection which enables the user to scan model and serial numbers that can be recorded in a data file.

Improved Label Printing Capability
With improved functionality, this printing capability enables you to generate labels containing test results quickly and on-demand. Autoware3 is compatible with two globally recognized label printers, Dymo and Zebra.

Maximixe Accuracy & Minimize Risk of Operator Error with Auto File Loading
Autoware3 allows you to immediately recall test files to speed up the testing process. You can easily associate a model number with a test sequence and the associated test sequence will automatically load in the Control Panel. You also have the capability to connect multiple model numbers with a single test file which ensures that the correct test sequence is accurately loaded with every test.

Comprehensive Help Menu
Autoware3 provides an extensive help menu covering all features and functions of the program. This easy-to-follow layout utilizes number callouts to aid in the search to find topics and useful reference information.

Streamline Complicated Test Setups with LLT Auto Fill
The LLT Auto Fill feature allows you to conveniently setup multiple Line Leakage tests without the need to create multiple test steps. While traditional software programs require you to tediously setup 8 Line Leakage test steps, Autoware3 automates this time-consuming process. By enabling the LLT Auto Fill feature, you simply need to setup a single LLT test step and Autoware3 will do the work for you by creating the 7 remaining test steps. The additional test steps will utilize the same user-defined test parameters but cover the remaining 7 fault conditions (for a total of 8 fault conditions). This feature will save loads of valuable setup time for those who are required to perform Line Leakage tests.

Intelligent Error Management
Autoware3 uses a system of error management that displays intuitive error messages. Each error message gives a description of the problem as well as troubleshooting suggestions.

Additional Software Improvements:

  • Advanced User Security Profiles
  • Customizable Results
  • Multimedia Prompts
  • APT Power Source Capability
  • Compatible Models: OMNIA II, OMNIA, HypotULTRA, LINECHEK II & SC6540



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