Sensorium Embedded Multi Logger

Sensorium Embedded Multi Logger
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Sensorium Embedded USB Trigger The MultiLogger allows you to store any information to a... mehr
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Sensorium Embedded USB Trigger

The MultiLogger allows you to store any information to a SD/uSD card in computer readable (FAT) format. It can be used alone for logging temperatures, or use the serial interface to log time-stamped data in any application. Advanced users can customize the source code to integrate other sensors/data.

● SD card slot for SD or uSD (with adapter) flash card, push-in/push-out type.
● Battery backed Real Time Clock (DS1392) for adding timestamps to logs.Temperature sensor (DS18B20) for local temperature measurements
● Polarized header allows for easy addition of up to 127 external sensors on the Dallas 1-wire bus.
● Voltage regulation (accepts 3.5 to 16v input) onboard. Stuffing option regulator allows wider voltage range with improved efficiency and extra power for external components.
● 3.3 to 5v tolerant serial communication. Defaults to 9600 baud (higher rates available).
● Arduino-like architecture, using the Atmel ATmega328 running at 3.3v/16MHz.
● FTDI Basic Breakout (5V) style serial header connector for upgrading or customizing firmware.
● LEDs to indicate power and SD card access
● Two more user programmable LEDS (used to indicate SD error, and RTC pulse on provided demo app).
● Full source code provided; customize to fit your need or use it as is.
● Six spare microcontroller pins broken out for digital I/O or analog inputs.
● Spare I/O, TTL serial, and power brought out to 0.100●spaced headers for prototyping, probing, or customization.
● Five more 0.100●spaced unconnected holes available for prototype additions such as a GPS module (see below).
● Power on/off switch to select external or USB (FTDI) power source.
● JST connector to supply power from battery, wall-wart, etc.
● Reset button.

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