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  • GW-PEL-3031E
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Model GW Instek: GW-PEL-3031E: DC Electronic Load - Programmable - DC - 300W - 1V...150V -... more
Product information "GW-PEL-3031E"

Model GW Instek: GW-PEL-3031E:
DC Electronic Load - Programmable - DC - 300W - 1V...150V - 60mA...60A

  • 7 operating modes: CC, CV, CR, CP, CC+CV, CR+CV, CP+CV
  • Static function/ Dynamic mode (periodically switch between two sink conditions)
  • Programmable Normal Sequence/ Fast Sequence Function (Fastest:25us/step)
  • Soft Start function allows users to determine the rise time of current sink.
  • UVP function is ideal for battery discharge tests
  • Timer function for Cut off Time & Count Time
  • It is suitable to sink a current and measurement of 60mA above.
  • Analog control terminals to provide users to control PEL-3000E from external voltage, external resistance and switch.
  • Support peripheral devices and trigger function (TRIG OUT/TRIG IN)
  • Remote Sense function compensate the voltage drop from resistance of test leads
  • Protection: OCP, OVP, OPP, OTP, RVP, UVP
  • Support USB (GPIB optional)

GW Instek launches new GW-PEL-3031E programmable single-channel electronic load. PEL-3031E provides 300W (1V~150V/60A) current sink capability. Inherited from the PEL-3000 series, GW-PEL-3031E has an easy-to-read LCD panel and user-friendly interface. This model features high speed and accurate measurement capability for electronic component, battery, portable charger and power products that require low to medium power consumption.

PEL-3000E series is designed for current sink operation starting from 60mA and aims at measurement applications, including charger, adapter, various power supply equipment, and portable charger.

The PEL-3000E has seven operating modes. Among them, four basic operating modes are constant current, constant voltage, constant resistance, and constant power. Three other combined operating modes are constant current + constant voltage, constant resistance + constant voltage, constant power + constant voltage. Users can select operating modes based upon products’ test requirements. For C.C. mode, electronic load will sink a constant current according to the set current value; for C.V. mode, electronic load will attempt to sink sufficient current to control the source voltage to the programmed value; for C.R. mode, electronic load will sink a current linearly proportional to input voltage according to the set resistance value; for C.P. mode, electronic load will initiate load power sinking operation (load voltage x load current) in accordance with the programmed power setting.

To meet the requirements of different test conditions, the Static function is to sink a constant current; the Dynamic function is to periodically switch between two sink conditions, and the Sequence function is to provide tests for more than two sink conditions. The sequence function can be divided into Normal Sequence and Fast Sequence. Normal Sequence are the most flexible means of generating complex sequences that can facilitate users to establish a set of changing current sink conditions based upon different sinking conditions (CC, CR, CV or CP mode) and time(adjustable range: 1ms to 999h 59min 59s). Fast sequence allows time resolution of 25us to be set for the smallest step. Setting parameters for multiple steps can simulate consecutive current changes of various real load conditions. For instance, while using an electronic load to test a power-driven tool’s power supply we can first obtain waveforms by an oscilloscope and a current probe from the tool, and subsequently, use the obtained waveforms to edit simulated current waveforms, via electronic load’s sequence function, to test the power-driven tool and to analyze its operational status. The Soft Start function allows users to determine the rise time of current sink that is to decide the required time to reach electronic load’s set current, resistance or power value. Setting a proper rise time for Soft Start is effective to counter output voltage fluctuation caused by DUT’s (power supply) transient output current. It is worth noting, General DC loads do not have the soft start function. When conducting high speed current sink operation, the inductance effect on the cable connecting electronic load and DUT will lead to transient voltage drop on electronic load’s input terminal, therefore, that will result in Voltage Non-monotonic increase. PEL-3000E’s soft start function not only allows output voltage to be Monotonic increase, but also prevents inrush current and surge voltage from happening on DUT. For instance, tests using a power supply, LED and a DC load (activate the soft start function) can prevent inrush current and surge voltage from causing damages on LED.   

The PEL-3000E is equipped with the count time function to obtain total time for electronic load’s current sink that helps users estimate DUT’s power capacity. The cut off time function is for users to control the total time of electronic load’s current sink. Both flexible time control functions increase the test adaptability of electronic load. UVP can be applied on battery discharge tests. Electronic load will cease operation if battery’s voltage is lower than the set UVP threshold to protect battery from over discharge. Other than that, PEL-3000E provides users with analog control terminal to control PEL-3000E from external voltage, external resistance and switch. Analog control terminal can also monitor electronic load’s status and display protective alarms.

Scope of Delivery

  • GW Instek GW-PEL-3031E: Electronic Load
  • User manual /Programming manual CD
  • Power cord (Region dependent)
  • Front terminal washers- Spring washer (M6) x2
  • GTL-105A Remote sense cables, red x1, blackx1
  • Certificate of Calibration

Optional Accessories

  • GTL-248: GPIB cable, 2.0m
  • GTL-246: USB cable, Type A – Type B
  • PEL-010: Dust Filter
  • PEL-004: GPIB option

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