Programmable DC Power Supply |12kW - 40kW

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  • AM-SYS-Serie-MiddlePower
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APM provides stable DC output. Built-in voltage and current measurement function could provide... more
Product information "Programmable DC Power Supply |12kW - 40kW"

APM provides stable DC output. Built-in voltage and current measurement function could provide wider range voltage and current combination. Single unit could cover range from 12KW to 40KW. Power rang could reach to 2000A and voltage range could reach to 1200V.
DC source system can fulfill different kinds of DC power applications. Users can set the output voltage, current arbitrarily. Measure all kinds of features and display on VFD. At the meanwhile, power source provide multi standard interface, simplify and accelerate test development. 


  • With accurate voltage and current measurement capability
  • Coded knobs, multifunctional keyboard
  • Standard RS232/LAN/RS485/USB interface, Optional for GPIB
  • Remote sensing to compensate for voltage drop in load leads
  • Support CV and CC automatically switch
  • Function of editing List waveform
  • Use SCPI commands
  • CE certified

Functions & Advantages

Wide range automatic switch range mode
In the limit of constant output power, range of voltage and current could automatically switch which allow to output high voltage and low current at the same time as well as output low voltage and high current at the same time. It provides wider range in output. With only one unit, it could realize multi voltage and current combination which significantly increase use ratio.

Multiple choice of communication interface
Standard interface of this series include LAN, USB, RS485, RS232 and GPIB(OPTION). It support SCPI command that make it more convenient in using.

Multi-protection function, safe and reliability
Built-in OVP has faster response. Over voltage value could custom setting. When output voltage is higher than setting protection value, it will shut down power source immediately. You could feel safe to use. At the meanwhile, it contain OCP and OTP, which could perfectly protect you, load. 

Support remote sensing and voltage compensation
This series is equipped with remote compensation interface, which could directly connect to load to compensate voltage drop because of lone time connect. It could make sure load acquire accurate voltage values.



Output Channels: 1
Voltage (V): 1200 V
Power (W): 40000 W
Current (A): 2000 A
Regulations Operating Modes: CV - constant voltage, CC - constant current, CP - constant power
Interfaces: GPIB (Opt.), LAN, RS232 / Serial, RS485, USB
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