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  • VT-EX1200-SMP4
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Modell VTI Instruments: VT-EX1200-SMP4:
4-Slot Platform Carrier for High Density Switch Matrix Platform

  • 16 integrated analog backplane lines
  • 4-slot carrier plugs into a standard EX1208A series mainframe
  • Configure with either Resource or I/O matrix modules in any combination
  • 1 or 2 pole switching options, up to 300 V/2 A
  • Typical bandwidths in excess of 20 MHz
  • Integrate with optional 6.5 Digit DMM across backplane
  • Up to 176 x 8 2-wire configuration in 4-slots, 704 x 8 in a single 3u mainframe
  • Pre-program hardware triggers to automate relay states and reduce cycle time

The VT-EX1200-SMP4 features 16 integrated analog backplane lines, which reduces the need for external cabling that typically degrades signal integrity. System designers can create 16 x N matrices, and easily bridge together multiple carriers to create even larger matrices, with up to 704 x 8 2-wire inputs in a single chassis. Increased board space creates efficiency and performance gains for mixed signal applications in mechanical data acquisition and electronic test environments.

Reduced Wiring

The VT-EX1200-SMP4 supports system configurations for switching applications that require the flexibility of a crosspoint matrix topology. The 4-slot main carrier can be plugged into any four slots of an EX1208A mainframe. One to four carriers can be accommodated in a single mainframe with the ability to mix and match with standard EX1200 series switch cards. For example, a 176x8 2-wire 2 Amp matrix can be combined with 1.5 GHz RF mux and 16 Amp general purpose relay modules to cover a wide-range of application requirements. The EX1200-SMP can also be configured with either Resource or I/O matrix modules in any combination, which allows point to point I/O switching or mapping resources to UUT I/O. Routing signals between Resource and I/O modules reduces external wiring.

High Bandwidth

The product’s internal 16-line analog bus with integrated DMM maximizes performance. The backplane is designed with each line capable of functioning in a 50-ohm impedance environment or paired with adjacent channels to provide 8 differential channels. The backplane is designed for high-bandwidth applications with insertion losses at -3dB in excess of 100 MHz. The compatible EX1208A mainframe module has a dedicated slot which can house an optional high-performance 6.5 digit DMM. When used as part of the measurement system, the DMM can be routed directly to five dedicated lines (Hi/Hi Sense, Lo/Lo Sense and Guard) on the analog backplane of the EX1200-SMP carrier. The DMM can also be disconnected from the analog backplane to free up the bus lines for use by other resources. The entire system supports typical bandwidths in excess of 20 MHz.

Ideal for High Channel Count

The VT-EX1200-SMP4 addresses the requirements of test scenarios where very high channel count matrix solutions are required. For example, designers of applications can benefit from the EX1200-SMP super high density, high channel count, reduced cabling needs, and ability to mix and match general purpose and RF modules. The product is ideal for:

  • battery and fuel cell test
  • thermal data acquisition
  • gas turbine test applications

Scope of Delivery:

  • VTI Instruments: VT-EX1200-SMP4: 4-Slot Platform Carrier

Optional Accessories (not included):

  • VT-EX1200-08442: 44 X 8 I/O MATRIX MODULE, TWO-WIRE
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