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Model AMETEK VTI Instruments: VT-EX1401:
LXI Thermocouple and Voltage Measurement - 16 Channels - Isolated

  • 16-channel isolated universal thermocouple/voltage inputs
  • 24-bit ADC per channel
  • Typical accuracies of 0.25°C
  • 500 V channel-ground isolation
  • 1000 V channel-channel isolation
  • 20 kSa/second/channel sample rate
  • Standalone acquisition mode
  • Power over Ethernet (POE+) or 10–50 V DC input
  • Built-in parallel data streaming
  • Full-featured embedded web interface
  • LXI Ethernet interface
  • 8-bit bank isolated digital I/O
  • Compact 1U half-rack form factor

With accuracies of ±0.20°C, 1,000 V channel-channel isolation, built-in self-test capabilities, and independent 24-bit ADCs per channel, the VTI Instuments VT-EX1401 delivers exceptional measurement performance and repeatability. Its ability to acquire data at 20K samples/second/channel allows its usage in high-speed temperature transient applications. Deploy it in a variety of applications, including automotive and battery testing, jet engine testing, HALT/HASS, and health monitoring. It can be used in any test environment that requires temperature measurement accuracy and repeatability. Parallel data storage and standalone autonomous operating modes further expand the utility of this versatile instrument.

AMETEK VTI Instruments builds its test and measurement equipment on the idea that a test and measurement system is only as good as the signals it receives. The VTI Instuments VT-EX1401 offers fully integrated signal conditioning, including independent Cold Junction Compensation (CJC) per channel. Open Thermocouple Detection (OTD) further enhances signal quality. The industry-standard LXI interface allows the VT-EX1401 to be distributed and positioned close to the device-under-test, reducing the implementation and support costs associated with long cable lengths. This also reduces transducer cable and its associated coupled EMI interference, improving measurement accuracy. The comprehensive, built-in self-test function reports instrument status and problems, maximizing run-time performance.

Unlike other thermocouple and voltage measurement instruments, the VTI Instuments VT-EX1401 offers PoE+ and flexible DC power options for portable applications. Fully isolated channels, with up to 1000 V channel-channel isolation, deliver both power and data on one cable. Simply place the instrument anywhere in the test chamber, or around the test article, and connect to the network. The VT-EX1401 also supports IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), allowing customers to synchronize measurements from many devices throughout the test application. A full-featured embedded web interface provides configuration and data displays, simplifying setup and usage. EXLab Express, VTI’s intuitive data acquisition software, is included with each instrument, eliminating the need for programming.;

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  • AMETEK VTI Instuments VT-EX1401 : Thermocouple and Voltage Measurement
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